Marflo 5pcs/lot Magic Clay Bar Light Cutting Grade Pink 200g Auto Car Paint Care Cleaning Detailing Washing Before Car Styling

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Magic Clay Bar Light Cutting Grade Pink 200g Auto Car Paint Care Cleaning Detailing Washing King Before Car Styling Marflo (this clay bar without PP box, only protect film and with polybag.)

Magic Clay Bar Light Cutting Power Clay Bar is better for DIY use, it is light cutting power for clean polishing move the dust, and more safety to use the clay bar for car body.  the magic clay bars not much stick and can use more times; 

Brilliatech have been doing car care and washing item for more 8 years;  it is not only developing, producing the items; also have professional laboratory to test the items; try to best items for you.

Smooth & Shine


All magic clay bars: Fine, Medium, Heavy,King1, King2. (MARK: heavy is 80g bar)

They are same wash steps; same method of use, also same method of storage.

But the cutting power and usage time is a little different.

1) Magic Clay Bar of MARFLO: have fine, medium,heavy and King1,king2 grades;

please check the cutting power and use age time.

Cutting power:  fine > medium and King2 > heavy > king1

Use age time: heavy > king1 > king2 > medium > fine.

All magic clay bar of MARFLO made by Brilliatech

2) These Magic Clay bar of Marflo with protect film (polyfilm) wrapped ;

the protect film (polyfilm) is very useful when you want the clay bar reuseable.

please take the protect film wrapped the clay bar when you finish wash car.

PP box is better for storage.

3) In fact magic clay bar is Safest material for remove contaminants (removes overspray, rail dust, brake dust, pollution) from car paints.

please check the how to use and how to storage carefully.

4) MARFLO clay bar is high quality, made by Brilliatech.

the quality same as some famous Brand in the world. because Brilliateh OEM ODM with famous Brand.

Famous Brand quality!!

5) Remark:

do not wash your car in sunny,

do not wash your car if car stop in short time.

do not wash your car use the clay bar with other cleaner (if cleaner PH 7 is ok)

please check below careful. any grade and color of clay bar, they are same use steps. 

1 ) Detailing Clay (Magic Clay Bar) For Car Cleaning and Body Care. Light Cutting Power 

To deep clean pollutants from car finishes without using strong, acidic chemicals or harsh abrasives.

Safe product that will remove Industrial Fallout and also known as Rail Dust.

Effective in removing paint over-spray.

Easy to using, do not need any other cleaning aqua (dosage).

For you news feeling, care car body.

Use Magic Clay Bar easy and safety!!!


2) Why clean the Industrial Fallout and Rail Dust (bird's feces)

Which can be described as orange or brown dots, that most white car owners see and many other car colors simply hide. So it instantly removes the environmental contaminants (fallout or rail dust) which can deteriorate a vehicle's finish.

MARFLO magic clay bar made by Brilliatech;  it is easy to move it, let your car smooth and shine again. 

 Accept custom service: OEM ODM welcome!!

support you do logo on the back of the magic clay bar pad mitt towel;  and unique packages;

change size, color,or others; OEM ODM be welcome;

if you want to different color of edge, please let us know. we try do Mini-order for you. 


Brand Name: MARFLO
PriceValidUntil valid until cancel
Product ID MA-SKL29792
Product SKU MA-SKL29792
Car Cleaning: Magic Clay Bar
Item Volume: 200g
Material Type: Magic Clay Bar
Special Features: Car Care
Fine Grade: Magic Clay Bar
Light Cutting Power: Car Paint Care
Rust Remover: Magic Clay Bar
Item Weight: 200g
Item Type: Rust Converter, Rust Remover & Rust Prevention

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